Avoid Spin Classes Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

Approximately 2 to 3 million sports-related concussions occur annually in the United States, often affecting teens and young adults. Though a concussion affects the brain, the spine is also impacted. A Canadian study suggests individuals recovering from a concussion may experience better results when their spine is also treated. Board-certified spine surgeons in Los Angeles examine a few of the details of this fascinating study.

Taking the Multi-Treatment Approach

The study found patients responded better to multiple treatments for concussions that also addressed issues with the inner ear and spine. Patients reporting symptoms like neck pain, headaches, and dizziness and also received this combination of treatments were more likely to be cleared to return to sports a few months after the concussion occurred.

Increasing Mobility and Reducing Pain

The bundle of nerves in the spinal cord connects to the brain through a canal located in the middle of the bones of the spine. By treating the spine as well as the brain, related mobility issues affected by the nerves in the spine that send signals to the brain may also be resolved.

Restoring Balance

The purpose of treating the inner ear is to restore balance, which is often affected following a concussion. Researchers in the Canadian study included vestibular rehabilitation therapy along with spine and head treatments to restore this lost sense of balance. Consequently, patients in the study experienced relief from their dizziness and regained their coordination.

Oftentimes, the effects of a concussion are temporary, and many patients can safely return to their favorite activities. However, symptoms of a concussion may not immediately appear, so any impact to the head should be taken seriously. Preventative measures like image scans can determine if there is potential damage that should be treated sooner rather than later. Researchers stress their suggested approach to concussion treatment is meant as an enhancement to other treatment methods rather than a replacement.

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