Undergoing neck or back surgery in Santa Monica is often the first step on the road to a new life free from pain and hindered mobility. Patients who carefully follow the surgeon’s prescribed regimen after surgery can look forward to decreased pain and a faster, less complicated recovery. The length of the hospital stay and subsequent therapy depend on the type and extent of surgery that is performed.

Returning From Surgery

The journey to healing starts after surgery, upon the patient’s admission to the hospital recovery room. Hospital staff will give specific instructions to help the person recover from both the surgery and the anesthesia. Anesthesia leaves the body through the lungs, so it is important to use the incentive spirometer and perform the coughing and deep breathing exercises as directed to prevent pneumonia. Flexing and extending the feet while in bed helps to improve circulation and prevent blood from clotting.

Physical Therapy

Normally, a physical therapist will come and help the patient to stand within 24-hours of the surgery. It is wise to plan to receive pain medication about an hour before getting out of bed to better control discomfort.

After the patient is discharged, physical therapy sessions will continue on a regular basis. If needed, pain medication should be taken before the appointments. Any home exercises prescribed by the therapist should be performed diligently unless unusual pain occurs.

Strategies for a Quick Recovery

Quitting smoking is a great facilitator to healing and eating a nutritious diet can speed the mending process. A diet that combines rich sources of protein and vitamin C is essential to hastening recovery. Using ergonomic furniture that supports the neck and back can also help to protect the surgical area, and practicing good body mechanics when lifting and moving objects will help prevent a recurring injury.

How We Can Help

While all of the above tips can facilitate a fast and safe recovery, at the Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, we specialize in minimally invasive spinal surgery in Los Angeles. With these types of surgical procedures, a smaller incision is made and the surgery is performed using advanced technologies and techniques. The result is a shorter surgical procedure that requires less operative time, minimizing the size of any scars, reducing pain and promoting a faster recovery period.

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