Spine Sergery Second Opinion in Los Angeles, CA.

Some people would never dare question the opinion of their spine surgeon while other patients automatically assume the second opinion is better. When it comes to spine surgery, however, it’s best to find a happy medium between these two extremes. The first step in determining what’s right for you is to know it makes sense to get a second opinion.

Unsatisfactory Answers to Your Questions

Most reputable spine surgeons will answer and even encourage questions. It may be wise to seek another opinion if you’re not getting satisfactory answers to questions concerning:

• Reasons why the procedure is being recommended
• Overall success rates with the procedure
• Possible alternatives to surgery
• Expectations for the outcome

Referral Was Made for Economic Reasons

Some primary care physicians, especially those that are part of a large healthcare network, may make in-house recommendations primarily for economic reasons. While this doesn’t mean that your surgeon isn’t capable, there could be other surgeons better suited to perform your procedure.

A First Surgery Failed

If the same surgeon who performed your first spine surgery in Beverly Hills is recommending another stab at the same procedure, it may be worth considering a fresh opinion. While there is no guarantee that any spine surgery will be successful, there may be other options available that your current surgeon hasn’t considered.

Non-Surgical Treatments Are Discouraged

Depending on your condition, non-surgical options like chiropractic care or alternative treatments such as acupuncture may provide meaningful relief. If your surgeon automatically dismisses such options and insists on surgery, it may be time to consider another opinion.

You’re Not Comfortable with the Surgeon

Even perfectly competent surgeons don’t have the most desirable bedside manner. If you don’t feel comfortable with your surgeon’s general attitude or personality, you’re more likely to have increased anxiety about your procedure.

Unless there’s a pressing medical issue, there is usually no reason why you can’t take your time to be sure of your decision. If you do opt for a second opinion, you can either get a recommendation from your PCP or search the list of board-certified spine surgeons on the American Board of Spine Surgery website.

If you’re interested in a second opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Spine Institute Center in Beverly Hills at (310) 828-7757 and request an in-person consultation. An experienced spine surgeon can discuss both conservative and surgical options for pain relief, including spinal fusion and fusion alternatives like lumbar artificial disc replacement. Call today.