Things to Do While Recovering from Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

It’s going to take you anywhere from several weeks to many months to fully recover from spine surgery. During this time, you’re going to want to stay entertained, remain engaged and involved, seek emotional support, and take steps to get mobile again at a pace that’s comfortable for you. As a leading Beverly Hills spine surgery center, we know how bored our patients can get during recovery and have come up with this list of 20 things you can do while healing.

Stay Entertained

1. Stream TV shows or watch DVDs to take your mind off your post-surgery discomfort.

2. Read classic novels or best-selling books.

3. Play the interactive online games.

4. Refine your iPod music collection.

5. Create a Pinterest account and daydream about what you will do once healed.

Remain Engaged and Involved

6. Get some sunshine and fresh air on your front porch and say hi to the neighbors.

7. Plan upcoming family vacations or special events–or even a party to celebrate your recovery!

8. Volunteer at a local hospital, community center, or senior center.

9. Learn a new hobby like origami, scrapbooking, or needlepoint.

10. Clean your closets and donate anything you don’t need or want anymore to a favorite charity.

Seek Support

11. Email loved ones who can’t visit, write letters, or reach out to old high school or college friends.

12. Join online support groups for spine surgery patients to share your story and get support.

13. Start a blog to chronicle your recovery process.

14. Watch an online tutorial and learn to meditate to relax.

15. Invite friends, family members, and neighbors over.

Get Mobile

16. Go shopping in one of those motorized carts at Wal-Mart or Target.

17. Sign up for a water aerobics class when you’ve healed enough to do so.

18. Walk a little bit more each day and set a goal of a certain number of steps.

19. Play games with your children or grandchildren in the house or in the yard when you’re up to it.

20. Take a yoga class to improve your flexibility–with doctor approval.

If you’re considering spine surgery, don’t hesitate to seek out a second or even third opinion from an experienced board-certified spine surgeon in Beverly Hills who can review your particular case and offer other treatment options if possible. To schedule an in-person consultation, call (310) 828-7757 and speak with a representative at The Spine Institute today.