Find the Right Spine Specialist for Spine Surgery in Santa Monica, CA

While non-life threatening spine surgery is considered elective, it’s still a big step to take towards finding meaningful relief. The key to successful spine surgery is a correct diagnosis. This is one of the reasons why you want to choose a board-certified spine surgeon in Beverly Hills to confirm your diagnosis and perform your procedure.

Ask Specific Questions

Once you have a list of board-certified spine surgeons who may be performing your surgery, schedule a separate appointment beyond your initial consultation to ask questions. Get a better idea of whether or not a surgeon is the right doctor to perform your procedure by asking specific questions like these:

• How many times have you performed this procedure? – While this is an important consideration, be aware that not many surgeons have extensive experience with some rare procedures like multi-location spinal fusions.

• Are you fellowship trained? – Board certification can be confirmed in advance of your appointment. However, fellowship training is also worth considering for more complex procedures.

• What is your success rate with this procedure? – Do a little research in advance to find out what the overall success rate is for your procedure so you can tell if your surgeon’s success rate is on par with the average.

Confirm Your Surgeon’s Expertise

Ask if you can speak with other patients who’ve had your procedure. Even if this isn’t possible due to privacy concerns, check online to see if you can find patient comments and ratings.

Don’t Overlook Your First Choice

When getting second and third opinions, don’t automatically take the first surgeon you saw out of the running. It’s possible that your first choice will ultimately be the right surgeon for you, so weigh your options equally.

Consider Personality

A surgeon’s personality is also worth considering. If an otherwise excellent surgeon has an abrasive personality, you may experience unnecessary anxiety or be less likely to report any post-surgery issues.

The American Board of Spine Surgery has a website you can use to start the process of finding a board-certified spine surgeon in Beverly Hills. You should also be able to get recommendations from your regular doctor.To find a trusted and experienced spine surgeon who can offer you a second opinion or review other treatment options with you, including minimally invasive spine surgery and conservative spine treatments, call The Spine Institute at (310) 828-7757 and schedule an in-person consultation today.