Sleep Tips for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Sleep Like a Baby After Spine Surgery in Santa Monica, CA

Most people sleep for 6 hours or less each night, according to a survey of 1600 respondents. If that includes you, then you’re probably not getting enough rest to manage your chronic pain. When you don’t get enough recuperative sleep, your body can’t naturally heal itself, which means your discomfort is likely to return the next day; and the day after that and so on. Break this cycle by making an effort to embrace more productive sleep habits.

Get to Bed When You’re Tired

Excessive tossing and turning isn’t good for your back. Instead, Los Angeles spine specialists recommend going to bed when you’re actually tired. Doing light exercise before bed can help with this goal. Once you discover your natural sleep time (listen to your body, it will develop a natural rhythm) try to stick to that schedule.

Keep the Room Comfortable

Whether it’s turning up the heat a notch, putting the AC on, or opening a window, keeping the room comfy will make it easier to drift off to sleep. If you need some soft background noise, run a fan, which will also keep the room from becoming stuffy.

Have an Herbal Tea Moment

Ginger and mint are just a few of the ingredients thought to contribute to the soothing effects of herbal tea. It’s also wise to avoid carbonated beverages, coffee, and alcohol before bed.

Keep a Journal

Going to bed stressed isn’t going to make it any easier to fall asleep. Keep a journal or diary so you can write down your worries and get negative thoughts off your mind.

Visualize Peaceful Thoughts

Take a few moments to focus your thoughts on something peaceful and tranquil. If you need some help, try a sound relaxing machine or some tranquil sound apps to put you in the right frame of mind.

Further boost your odds of getting more sleep by choosing a mattress that provides sufficient support. Medium firmness is best for back pain, according to a Spanish study on the subject. Your pillow should keep your neck and spine in natural alignment, and your spine will thank you if you avoid stomach sleeping.

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