Safe Neck Stretches

Neck pain is becoming increasingly common today because more and more people spend the majority of their working hours sitting at a desk slouched in front of a computer. Fortunately, some simple and safe neck stretches can help individuals who have neck pain resulting from poor posture, strain, or a bad sleeping position. If the neck has been injured, The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration recommends that stretches should not be attempted without a physician’s approval.

Basic Stretches

Moving the head slowly through its range of motion can help gently stretch the muscles and relieve discomfort. With the shoulders relaxed and the head kept straight, the exercises should be performed as follows:

  • Steadily rotating the head from left to right until resistance is felt
  • Slowly leaning the head to the right and left sides bringing the ears toward the shoulders
  • Gently flexing the neck with the chin moving toward the chest
  • Gradually extending the neck by leaning the head back

Shoulder Crunches

Another great way to safely stretch the neck is to perform shoulder crunches. In this exercise, the shoulders are flexed by bringing them high toward the ears. The position is held for a few seconds, and then the muscles are gradually released as the shoulders are steadily rolled backward.

Cervical Reach

The muscles of the neck and upper back are stretched when doing the cervical reach. When performing this exercise, the individual should be seated with the head upright and in a chair with a straight back. The arms are extended forward parallel to the floor with the palms rotated away from each other, and then the back is gradually arched forward. This position is held for a few seconds, and then the body is brought back into line, and the arms are slowly lowered.

For more information about alleviating neck pain, reach out to The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration and schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Hyun Bae. As a conservative orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally spine invasive surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Bae will examine your current pain levels and advise on the most appropriate options for treatment. Find out the cause of your neck pain today by calling 310-828-7757.