Red Flags of Spine Surgeons

Not every surgeon is someone you want performing your surgery. Most spine surgeries aren’t immediately necessary, so you’re likely to have time to choose someone who you’re comfortable with before scheduling the procedure. During this process, watch out for any of the following potential red flags.

1. Guaranteeing Positive Results

Spine surgery is not an exact science since many variables will determine the eventual outcome. A reputable Beverly Hills spine surgeon will present the pros and cons associated with any procedure. This includes discussing common risks and setting realistic goals. For some conditions, this may mean reaching a point where pain is manageable, not entirely alleviated.

2. Not Discussing What You’ve Already Tried

Your surgeon should take time to discuss treatments you’ve previously attempted. This should extend to a discussion of the results you experienced with prior treatments and how long you continued with each effort. Be suspicious of any surgeon who quickly dismisses such treatments as ineffective or dissuades you from trying some other non-surgical options, including alternative treatments for back pain like acupuncture.

3. Using Scare Tactics to Insist on Surgery

You deserve to be given the information you need to make a decision that feels right for you without being pushed towards surgery. Even if there’s some degree of urgency to have surgery, as may be the case with a condition that’s causing some degree of spinal instability, you shouldn’t feel pressured.

4. Getting Defensive When You Ask Questions

Be weary of defensiveness when you ask questions such as “How many times have you performed this particular procedure?” or “Can I talk to some of your patients who have had this operation?” You have a right to ask as many questions as you need to ask to determine if surgery is your best option.

Seek additional opinions to ensure you’ve been properly diagnosed. Spine surgery only addresses anatomical sources of pain and not possible underlying conditions. Consider asking your primary care physician, who likely will be the one referring you to a board-certified spine surgeon in Beverly Hills, for additional names, and do your own digging by reading online comments from patients. Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide if surgery is right for you.

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