Shoes Affect Spine Pain

If you’re living with back pain, you may be surprised to discover that something as simple as changing your footwear may be able to reduce your discomfort. According to Santa Monica spine physicians, carefully designed shoes and inserts promote good posture and can provide exceptional support of the feet, legs and spinal column.

Personalized Comfort

Individuals may need to try on several types of shoes before they find a style that works best for their foot type and gait. It is recommended that a person tries prospective shoes on both feet and that he or she wears them around the store for at least a few minutes to see how they feel.

Shoe Construction

Good shoes should have a box-shaped toe area to allow adequate freedom of movement. The heel also needs be low enough so that undue pressure is not put on the spine, and proper support of the arches is especially important in order to maintain optimal vertebral alignment.


Many pharmacies and larger retail chain stores stock over-the-counter inserts that are meant to offer good pedal and lumbar support. Dr. Scholl’s makes a line of products that are specially designed to relieve foot and back pain.

Specially Fitted Orthotics

Inserts can also be custom made to specifically fit an individual’s feet. They offer better support than footwear that’s manufactured in mass quantities because each portion of the product is specially formed to the natural curve and individual differences of a person’s feet. A podiatrist is a person who specializes in making orthotics will first take a casting of the feet and then will form the insert according to its specifications.

If you feel as if you’ve exhausted all of your options for reliving your back pain, including changing your footwear, schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Hyun Bae. Medical Director of the Santa Monica spine surgery center, The Spine Institute, Dr. Bae can identify the exact source of your pain and provide you with comprehensive treatment options. Call (310) 828-7757 today for more information.