Summer Sports With Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

There are many health benefits associated with staying active as the days grow longer. Yet some of the sports that tend to be especially appealing in the summer may result in unexpected back pain. While all instances of back pain can’t be avoided, there are some ways to minimize your risk of being sidelined by aches and pains this summer.


Water is actually good for the muscles and joints that support your spine. It’s only when don’t pay attention to proper form that you run the risk of placing added stress on parts of your spine. Minimize back pain while swimming by:

  • Not overextending your strokes
  • Keeping your body level with front strokes
  • Rolling to the side to take breaths


Maintaining the right posture is essential when diving. Don’t take a chance with fancy tumbles unless you’re an experienced diver. Avoid a serious back injury by staying away from diving spots where you’re not sure of the water depth.


There’s no sugarcoating it–surfing is going to really work your back muscles. Fortunately, the bones and muscles of a healthy spine are fairly flexible and resilient. Reduce your risk of experiencing back pain while hanging ten by:

  • Doing warm-up stretches before getting on your board
  • Focusing on strengthening your core muscle groups
  • Working on your balance to minimize falls

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

As two of the more fast-paced summer sports, water skiing and wakeboarding can be much more stressful on your back and supporting muscles. Prepare for a day of water skiing or wakeboarding by:

  • Learning correct techniques and practicing common positions
  • Stretching your hamstrings and hip flexors to minimize back strain
  • Wearing gloves to ensure that you have a firm grip so hard falls can be avoided
  • Wearing a helmet to minimize the risk of cervical spine injuries

If you weren’t all that active during the winter and early spring months, slowly ease your way back into your preferred summer sports. Minor aches and pains are normal after an active summer day. Anything that lingers or gets worse, however, should be checked by a board-certified back doctor.

If persistent back pain is interfering with everyday life, it’s time to call The Spine Institute Center at (310) 828-7757. Our team of experienced spine surgeons in Los Angeles can diagnose the root cause of your pain and identify effective treatment options aligned with your lifestyle. Request an in-person consultation today.