What to Expect After Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

While there are no absolute guarantees with any type of surgery, being as thoroughly prepared as possible can provide some much-appreciated peace of mind before your scheduled surgery. The Spine Institute, a leading Los Angeles spine surgery center, suggests considering the following four things as you prepare for your spine surgery.

1. You’re Going to Need Some Help When You Get Home

You’re not going to be able to juggle multiple chores and responsibilities so easily after surgery. It’s a lot easier to ask family members and neighbors to help out in advance of your surgery to avoid scheduling conflicts and other issues that may leave you without readily available assistance.

2. There’s Going to Be Some Pain Afterwards

During the healing process, it’s perfectly normal to experience some lingering pain. The good news is, if your surgery is successful, you’ll reach a point where there is little or no pain. Keep in mind you’ll still have to know what situations to avoid (e.g. heavy lifting) to avoid re-injury. It’s also a good idea to get any medications you’ll need after surgery filled in advance.

3. You’re Not Going to Be Confined to Bed

Unless you’re recovering from a serious spinal cord injury, your recovery isn’t going to include prolonged bed rest. The muscles and ligaments supporting the spine can become weaker with inactivity, so expect your rehab to include doing some walking and, eventually, some light exercises during supervised physical therapy sessions.

4. Clear Communication Is Essential

You’re going to meet a lot of people while you go through the process of preparing for your spine surgery, so it helps to have someone who can coordinate communication efforts to ensure you’re aware of everything involved with your surgery, including all post-op instructions. Choose someone from your surgical team to serve as your main point of contact to make sure you’re on the same page as your doctor.

If you have questions about minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles, call our office at (310) 828-7757 and request an in-person consultation. One of our qualified and experienced board-certified physicians can help you on the path toward a more comfortable life.