Sitting Epidemic in Los Angeles, CA

Proper posture involves the optimal interaction between bones, muscles, joints and tissues in a way that contributes to overall wellness. According to Los Angeles spine surgeons, posture is especially important when it comes to the spine since misalignment can contribute to an assortment of aches and pains. By being mindful of the three S’s of posture, you can maintain a beneficial spinal alignment.


Whether it’s at school, work, or home, there are many times during the day when you’re likely to be sitting. Make a conscious effort to sit up straight in your chair. Instead of leaning forward, move your entire chair forward to main proper alignment. Choose a chair with a high back that provides enough height to allow your feet to comfortably rest on the floor without forcing awkward foot positions. Ideal sitting posture should also include:

  • Evenly distributing your body weight on both hips
  • Sitting with your back and shoulders straight
  • Keeping feet flat on the floor and knees at a right angle


Things like leaning to one side while resting against a wall when standing or tilting your head down while texting can result in muscle strain that’s likely to affect your spine. Achieve a proper spinal alignment by imagining a vertical line going directly through the middle of your body. Equal halves of your body should be on either side of the imaginary line as you stand. Optimal standing posture should also include:

  • Holding your head up with your chin in
  • Keeping earlobes in line with the middle of your shoulders
  • Keeping shoulder blades back and knees straight


Just because you’re not awake doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to maintaining your posture. In fact, sleeping in positions that twist or contort your spine into off-center alignments can place added pressure on your spine and weaken supporting muscles and joints. Sleeping on your back or side tends to be better for your back. Further improve your sleep posture by:

  • Using a pillow that supports your neck in a neural position
  • Doing light stretches before bed to loosen spine-supporting muscles
  • Investing in a mattress that supports your back

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