Pilates for Spine Health in Beverly Hills, CA

People who are wishing to strengthen their backs in order to keep them healthy may benefit from Pilates. Additionally, individuals who have certain conditions that cause a disruption of the spinal column’s natural curve may be able to correct the spine’s alignment through the method’s specialized techniques. Prior to considering surgery, Beverly Hills spine surgeons often recommend patients exhaust conservative measures, including strengthening exercises like Pilates.

Who Can Benefit?

Before embarking on an exercise routine, patients should first have a thorough physical examination performed by their family doctor or orthopedic specialist. If back pain is an issue, the source of discomfort should be professionally identified by a board-certified physician because some forms of exercise could cause further injury. People with degenerative disc disease may particularly benefit from Pilates because the increased muscle tone helps keep the bony structures of the spine from wearing down too quickly.

How Does it Work?

Pilates is a form of exercise that is based on ballet and other expressive forms of dance, and it is usually guided through private or small group lessons. The exercises are concentrated on strengthening the body’s core, the muscles located throughout the torso. The core muscles are key to keeping the body balanced and stable, and they also work to support the spinal column.

Another key element to the Pilates exercise system is mental discipline. Part of the training involves developing an awareness of the spine’s alignment so that proper posture can be maintained. Controlled breathing is also utilized in order to enhance concentration and focus the attention on the body’s center.

What Equipment is Needed?

Some basic classes require only a personal exercise mat. In more advanced settings, specialized equipment like the Pilates reformer may be used. Caged platforms and special chairs are also employed in some classes to further the development of core muscles and balance. Many classes use large balls that aid in the improvement of both strength and stability.

Is it Difficult?

People of all skill levels can benefit from Pilates because its most basic exercises work well to fortify the abdomen and back. As individuals advance in the program, the exercises become more challenging and the overall health gains tend to increase.

If conservative methods like physical therapy and exercise have failed to adequately relieve back pain, it might be time to consult an orthopedic surgeon and discuss additional treatment options like motion-preserving spine surgery. Call The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration today at (310) 828-7757 and request an in-person consultation. The journey to a pain-free life starts now.