Spine Pain in Cyclists

Mike Lane, a cyclist from Brooklyn, New York has created a device, the Pedi-Scope that enables people who are riding bicycles to see in front of them without extending their necks upward. The inventor, who is an avid rider, was tired of enduring the shoulder, neck, and back pain that was being caused by holding his head in an unnatural position while cycling.

An expert spine surgeon, Beverly Hills patients can rely on, Dr. Bae and his staff work with many individuals who lead active lifestyles, which can sometimes cause or worsen pain in the spine. We wanted to share information about the Pedi-Scope with our cycling readers as it’s a device that could change the way leisurely riders enjoy the sport.

About the Pedi-Scope

The Pedi-Scope allows bicyclists to momentarily drop their heads down while still being able to safely view the road ahead of them. The equipment is attached to the center of a bicycle’s handle bar and is comprised of three 90-degree prisms that project the oncoming path onto a small, 3D screen. Its design allows viewing capabilities that are similar to what sailors experience when they are looking through a submarine’s periscope.

Goals of Reducing Spinal Pain

Bikers who can occasionally put their necks in a more natural position throughout their long-distance rides are better able to avoid the chronic discomfort that occurs when they are forced to hold their heads in an awkward position for an extended period. It is important to note that the Pedi-Scope is not intended to act as a substitute for directly visualizing the environment and it does not allow people to see objects that are located in the periphery.

Support from Investors

Lane is currently attempting to raise funds so that he can commercially produce the equipment and put it on the market. He is using Kickstarter, an online inventors’ venue, to advertise his idea and cultivate interest among investors and users. Industry experts and riders are saying the device has the potential to quickly gain popularity, especially in urban areas where many people use bicycles as their main form of transportation.

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