How to Pay for Spinal Surgery

The cost of spinal surgery can vary for many reasons depending on the type of procedure that is being performed and who the surgeon is. Regions of the country will also have different rates, and medical centers that are teaching hospitals may charge decreased amounts. No matter what type of surgery is performed and where it is done, spinal procedures are costly, and different types of insurance cover the charges in varying ways.

Self Pay

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, most individuals are covered by a health insurance policy. In the rare case that a patient is responsible for all of the costs of surgery, physicians and hospitals may be able to offer a discount for the expenses. The patient may also be offered a payment plan through the physician and health care facility.

Private Insurance

The out-of-pocket expenses that a patient is responsible for after spinal surgery depend on the insurance company that carries the policy and the type of coverage that is held. Deductible amounts can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and the rest of the cost will either be covered completely or separate with a co-pay.

Co-pays are either a set dollar amount that the patient is responsible for or a percentage of the whole bill. If the deductible and co-pays are large, patients may be able to make payment arrangements for the remainder of the charges with the physician and the hospital.


Patients who have Medicare will be covered for most spinal procedures that are deemed necessary, and the consumer will be responsible for deductibles that need to be paid before Medicare covers the remaining expenses. Many people have supplemental policies such as Medigap, Medicaid and private policies that may help defray the costs of the deductibles.

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