Natural Osteoarthritis Remedies

Medications can help manage osteoarthritis, a joint disease primarily affecting cartilage due to normal wear and tear over time. However, the joint stiffness and related pain associated with this common form of arthritis can often be further minimized by natural non-invasive spine remedies, a desirable option for individuals not wishing to depend solely on prescription and over-the-counter medications to control symptoms.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Temperature has been shown to have a positive influence on muscle and joint pain. In addition to using ice packs and heating pads, hot and cold therapy can include taking a warm shower or bath early in the day – joint stiffness tends to be more pronounced in the morning – and using an electric blanket when sleeping.


Acupuncture targets strategic points in the body. For individuals with osteoarthritis, treatments may be able to facilitate a better flow of energy by restoring the body’s natural balance. Patients are encouraged to check the credentials of acupuncturists first, although there are very few side effects associated with acupuncture, so risk is minimal.

Dietary Additions

Research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids, which can be obtained through fish oil supplements or a diet that includes fish like salmon and mackerel, may help with arthritis. Turmeric, a spice associated with Indian dishes, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Lose Weight

Extra weight can put more pressure on knees, hips and feet joints that can aggravate osteoarthritis symptoms already affected by movement. An effective weight loss plan, which should be approved be a doctor first, includes a combination of dietary changes and exercise.

Exercise Regularly

Lack of exercise can result in atrophy of muscles supporting joints. A doctor or physical therapist can recommend customized exercises, which may include some modifications to match capabilities. Beneficial exercises may include range-of-motion exercises, strength training and low-impact aerobic exercises.

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