Facts about Neck in Los Angeles, CA

Affecting approximately ten percent of the population, neck pain is rarely associated with life-threatening conditions. In most cases, neck pain subsides within a few weeks, with about 90 percent of neck pain suffers reporting no discomfort at all beyond eight weeks. Surprised by these neck pain tidbits? The Santa Monica neck surgeons at The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration dare you to test your knowledge with these fast facts about neck pain:

  • No Age Restrictions

    Neck pain is unique in that anybody of any age can experience some degree of neck pain at any given time. However, the average age of neck pain patient is 49, according to physician records.

  • More Common Than You May Realize

    While back pain remains the top medical complaint in the United States, 15 percent of the U.S. population considers neck pain as their main pain complaint. Interestingly enough, women tend to report neck pain more frequently than men.

  • No Uncomfortable Testing

    In most cases, neck pain is diagnosed with a combination of medical history and a physical examination, although x-rays may sometimes be necessary to confirm degenerative conditions like cervical spondylosis (arthritis of the neck).

  • Defensive Ends Are More Susceptible

    While any type of contact sport can result in neck pain, defensive ends tend to be more susceptible to neck pain than their fellow teammates.

  • Actual Science Supports Some Odd Neck Pain Remedies

    Wearing a scarf around your neck while sleeping, for instance, can prevent muscles from contracting to generate warmth. Constricted neck muscles can result in the neck stiffness that’s sometimes felt when first waking up.

  • Seven Bones Make Up the Neck

    Any pain you may feel in your neck is likely related to any of the seven cervical vertebra that make up the neck, or the muscles and tendons supporting those vertebrae.

  • Disc Replacement for the Neck is Here

    Already available for individuals living with back pain, cervical artificial disc surgery is now a possibility for patients that previously only had fusion surgery as an option when disc function was compromised in the neck.

If you are living with neck pain and are interested in learning more about how to minimize or relieve the level of pain experienced, reach out to Dr. Hyun Bae, Medical Director of the Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration in Santa Monica. Along with traditional fusion surgery procedures, Dr. Bae performs and specializes in treatments that preserve spinal range of motion, allowing individuals to return to their active lifestyles soon after surgery.