After Surgery Tips for Los Angeles, CA

Even though you’ll be encouraged to be mobile following spinal surgery, Los Angeles surgeons suggests there are some tasks that can place too much pressure on a healing backbone. For this reason, part of your post-surgery plan should include having a few things on hand that will make your life a bit easier while you recover.

1. Handheld Grabber

Excessive bending, twisting, and stretching is a no-no following spine surgery. Featuring a long handle with a grip on the end that’s operated from the handle, a grabber is a convenient tool to have on hand to get light items from high shelves.

2. Slip-On Shoes or Slippers

Avoid excessive bending when you need to put your shoes on by opting for slip-on shoes during your recovery period. Slippers can also work if you’re just going outside for a minute or want something comfy to wear around the house.

3. Toilet Seat Riser

The simple act of going to the bathroom may place too much stress on your spine post-surgery. Toilet seat risers typically provide 6-12 extra inches of elevation to making sitting easier.

4. Secure Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for spine health in general, and especially critical following surgery. Sports-style water bottles are designed for sipping at all angles, which can allow you to sip water without worrying about spilling or excessive reaching.

5. Medication Organizer

The additional meds you’ll need following minimally invasive spinal surgery can be difficult to manage, especially if you have other pills you need to take daily. A medication organizer can simplify this task.

6. Cane or Walker

Balance is likely to be an issue after your surgery, especially if you’re transitioning from a period of bed rest to daily mobility. While you may not like the thought of depending on a cane or walker, such devices can help keep you stable and restore your independence.

7. Convenient Meals

During your immediate recovery, reaching for heavy pots and pans and stirring or mixing various things isn’t going to do your back any favors. Instead, opt for frozen meals or prepare large batches of soups and stews in advance of your surgery so you can just heat something up.

If you’re considering spine surgery or would like a second opinion, reach out to Dr. Bae in Los Angeles. As medical director of The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, Dr. Bae can determine the cause of your pain as well as identify the best treatment options for your lifestyle. Call us today at (310) 828-7757 to request a consultation.