Muscle Relaxer in Los Angeles, CA

When pain related to some degree of muscle stiffness or tension is relegated to a particular area, muscle relaxants may be prescribed by a board-certified spine surgeon in Los Angeles so a patient can get back to their normal routine until other treatments can be suggested. These drugs are meant to address acute musculoskeletal conditions rather than those that have become chronic in nature.


When patients report initial symptoms that include muscle spasms and muscle tightness, baclofen may be prescribed. Available in tablet form, it may also help ease sharp nerve pain.


Patients with pain from muscle stiffness and acute bone conditions may be treated with carisoprodol. Patients should refrain from drinking alcohol while on this medication. It is available in tablet form and combination forms with codeine or aspirin.


Meant to manage a condition where muscles are constantly contracted called spasticity, dantrolene may also be prescribed to help patients with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Available in capsule form, dantrolene may cause liver problems.


Better known as Valium, diazepam can ease pain from nerve and muscle tightness and inflammation that may be affecting joints and muscles. Some patients experience sleep issues. Available in liquid, injection, tablet, and gel form, diazepam should only be used for a few weeks.


Meant to ease pain from muscle injuries and strains, metaxalone is sometimes preferred because it doesn’t cause drowsiness. It can be used to ease muscle pain related to various musculoskeletal issues in adolescents, teenagers, and adults. It may affect blood sugar readings for diabetic patients.


Often recommended for patients with spinal cord injuries or conditions like MS and CP, tizanidine is meant to be used during periods of daily activity to allow for increased mobility without pain. It can be taken in tablet or capsule form and with food to allow for easier absorption.

It’s best to take muscle relaxants before bedtime. Side effects are mostly mild, with some patients experiencing drowsiness, urinary retention, or dry mouth. These drugs are meant to be used on a short-term basis and are not recommended for patients who are pregnant or those with a history of addiction or depression.

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