Post Surgery Supplements

The purpose of vitamin, mineral, or nutritional supplements is to compensate for some type of deficiency in your diet. Yet the $11 billion that Americans spend annually on such supplements is, in part, due to some common misconceptions about potential benefits these products may offer.

1. Supplements Treat Health Problems

Upping your intake of some vitamins and minerals may reduce your risk of developing certain conditions. However, spine surgeons in Beverly Hills note that no supplement is meant to treat any specific health issue.

2. More Is Better

Some vitamins can be dangerous or toxic when consumed in excess. Too much vitamin C, for instance, can prevent your body from absorbing copper and large amounts of phosphorus can interfere with your absorption of calcium. The human body isn’t capable of getting rid of excessive amounts of vitamin A, D, or K either.

3. Supplements Make Up for Dietary Flaws

Vitamin supplements, in particular, can be a good source of nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone, with vitamin D being a prime example. However, supplements can’t replace the benefits of maintaining a well-balanced diet, which should be the source of most of your nutrients.

4. ‘All Natural’ Is All That Matters

Some manufacturers will add enzymes or other ingredients to make a claim of “all natural,” but that shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing a supplement. Instead, pay attention to listed ingredients and stated nutritional information. As a general rule, you don’t want to go beyond 300 percent of the RDA. Some nutrients are included in higher amounts to increase the absorption of others.

If you’re taking prescription meds for a preexisting condition, check with a Beverly Hills board-certified doctor  first before taking any supplements. If you get the okay, follow the recommended dose, avoid mixing different supplements (for most healthy adults, a multivitamin is sufficient), and stop taking anything that results in unexpected side effects.

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