Mind Tricks in Los Angeles, CA

Two people with similar circumstances, such as a herniated disc in the same location, can report very different levels of discomfort when they visit a Los Angeles spine surgery center. This phenomenon occurs because your brain interprets pain signals in a highly personalized way, which is why there’s something to be said for harnessing the power of your mind in a positive way to stop your back pain.

Breathing and Relaxation

Get away from all distractions–meaning no cellphone, TV or Internet-connected devices, or interruptions from family members. Further relax by:

  • Finding a quiet area
  • Darkening the room
  • Closing your eyes
  • Slowly inhaling and exhaling

Altered Focus

Think about another part of your body other than your back like your hands or legs. Imagine sensations, such as warmth, in that area instead of your pain.

Transfer of Sensation

As with altered focus, you’ll shift your thoughts to another non-painful area of your body and think of a pleasing or distracting sensation such as warmth. Use your hands as you imagine yourself transferring that sensation to the affected area of your back to replace the pain.

Ball of Pain

Visualize your pain as a colored ball. Associate your pain with a specific color and imagine the ball changing from that color to a more soothing tone. For a variation, think of relaxing images in place of your ball of pain.

Pain Movement

Mentally transfer your pain elsewhere. It can be another location within your body or away from your body altogether. Incorporate the ball of pain method and think of your pain as being in a ball you can move into the air–or even far away into space.

Mindfulness Meditation

The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to produce an altered state of consciousness. It’s good for back pain because it’s done in a comfortable position and requires you to pay attention to posture as you refocus your thoughts.

Not all forms of back pain are going to go away by changing your way of thinking. For the 30 million or so chronic back pain sufferers in the United States, however, conservative back treatments like these may provide a pleasant distraction. Perform your preferred techniques at least 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times a week to start.

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