Managing Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints for which patients seek relief. It can be caused from a number of reasons such as injury, poor body mechanics, excess weight and degenerative disc disease to name a few. The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration shares the many steps that individuals can employ to help manage discomfort that is experienced in the lower spine.

  1. Rest

    When an aching lower back is caused from strain, a short period of rest on a firm surface can help give the muscles a break and time to recuperate. Time off should not last more than a day, though, because lack of use can weaken the muscles and lead to further discomfort.

  1. Practice Good Body Mechanics

    Squatting and using the leg muscles to do the work when lifting objects protects the lower spine, as opposed to bending over to pick up items, which puts strain on the back. Practicing good posture also protects the lumbar spine along with investing in ergonomic furniture, especially if long hours are spent behind a desk at a computer.

  1. Manage Weight and Exercise

    Increased abdominal girth causes a lot of strain on the lumbar spine. Taking measures to decrease weight can help alleviate a burden on the lumbar region and relieve lower back discomfort. Physician-approved exercises that strengthen the abdomen help reduce back pain by creating a more supportive structure for the spinal column.

  1. Stretch and Move

    Sitting all day in a car is a recipe for lower back pain. While on a road trip, stopping every couple of hours to walk around and gently stretch the back muscles can help relieve lower lumbar discomfort.

  1. Change Your Shoes

    Many styles of shoes can cause back pain if worn for long periods. Flip flops and other footwear with little or no support can cause back pain. High heels can force the wearer into an unnatural stance, which also can create a strain on the lumbar spine.

By following the above steps and making certain lifestyle changes, those with lower back pain may find relief. If however, you have chronic back pain that does not respond to the above treatment suggestions or other therapies and medications, it may be time to sit down with a spinal specialist to discuss your options.

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