Managing Loneliness with Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Chronic back pain can impact every aspect of your life. You may reach a point where you start skipping certain activities likely to trigger more discomfort, which could mean increased isolation and loneliness. If you’re facing similar experiences, there are productive ways you can minimize loneliness when you have recurring back pain.

Find Reasons to Invite People to Your Home

If you can’t go out with your friends and loved ones as much as you once did, find reasons to have them visit you. Start by planning a few events to see how it goes. You may even find people becoming increasingly willing to gather at your home to keep you company. Ask a close friend or family member to help with setup and cleanup duties if those tasks are too demanding for you.

Consider these at-home events:

  • Book club meetings
  • Backyard barbecues
  • Group craft activities
  • Movie and pizza nights
  • Game nights

Join an Online Support Group

There are plenty of online groups specifically created for people living with back pain. Find one with people who have similar issues or ask your doctor or a Beverly Hills spine surgeon for a list of online sources. In addition to much-appreciated support and reassurances, you may get some useful tips to ease your pain.

Make Friends in Your Neighborhood

It’s a lot easier to invite people over if they live within your area. Take some time to get to know your neighbors. Start with a few acquaintances you know. Having neighbors who regularly give you call or visit you can allow you to shift your focus away from thinking about your discomfort.

Take an Exercise Class or Join a Walking Group

Low-impact activities strengthen muscles that support the spine. Consider joining a local walking group or taking an exercise class. If you’re limited by your back pain, opt for classes that focus more on gentle activities like:

  • Water aerobics
  • Bike riding on smooth surfaces
  • Simple stretching motions to ease tense muscles

Explore New Hobbies and Interests

Loneliness can lead to depression if you spend most of your time thinking about your pain. Give yourself some enjoyable distractions by exploring new hobbies you can do around your home, or return to interests you previously found enjoyable.

Make appropriate modifications to avoid over-straining your back. For instance, with gardening you may opt for a smaller setup with containers or boxes placed on tables or elevated areas so you can easily reach plants without excessive bending or stretching.

Another way to ease loneliness that may be associated with your back pain is to see if adjustments can be made to how you manage it. Talk to a board-certified spine doctor in Beverly Hills to discuss other treatments you may not have considered yet. Alternative remedies such as acupuncture and exercises like yoga that focus on slow, controlled movements and mind-body relaxation may also benefit you.

If you want to find a solution to your back pain so you can get out and be social more often, turn to Dr. Hyun Bae at The Spine Institute. We specialize in spinal fusion procedures as well as a variety of alternatives to spinal fusion. Beverly Hills patients can trust in Dr. Bae to diagnose the source of their pain and help them find an effective solution for relief. Call 310-828-7757 today to schedule an in-person evaluation.