How Can Spinal Injections Alleviate Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

People living with spine pain often appreciate corticosteroid spinal injections because they can provide instant relief. This happens because injections are administered directly into the affected area. However, spinal injections aren’t right for every situation or patient. There are other several factors that should be kept in mind before any decisions are made about spinal injections.

What’s Your Type of Spine Pain?

Spinal injections work on nerve-related pain. If the source of your discomfort is an overstressed or strained muscle that supports your spine in some way, you won’t likely be advised to consider injections. However, if your pain stems from an irritated nerve, injections are more likely to be discussed.

Do You Have Short-Duration or Long-Term Pain?

As a general rule, spinal injections aren’t meant to be used as a long-term solution. But if you’re primarily in need of short-term relief from nerve-based symptoms, spinal injections may be recommended.
Short-term relief from injections could allow you to:
• Participate more in physical therapy sessions
• Go about your daily routine without excessive discomfort
• Remain more focused on other aspects of your treatment

Also, spinal injections can become less effective over time if you depend on them too much. This can happen as your body gradually becomes used to the medication in the injections, which can result in reduced effectiveness.

Is Surgery Risky for You?

In some instances, surgery may provide better results. However, other factors may make surgery too risky. This can be the case if you’re older and have other health-related concerns that don’t justify taking the risks that go along with surgery. With situations like this, you may be advised to go with injections as part of your treatment. On the other hand, if you’re younger and/or otherwise healthy, surgery may eliminate the need to rely on injections for pain relief. Because severe back pain can be a sign of a serious issue such as lumbar disc herniation, which could require artificial disc replacement surgery, Santa Monica residents should make sure to get a proper diagnosis so they can decide on the best form of treatment

Are You Experiencing COVID-19 Surgery Delays?

Spinal inections can provide temporary relief, but they don’t always eliminate the need for surgery altogether. But if your scheduled surgery has been delayed because of COVID-19 issues, injections may be recommended to help you manage your symptoms until surgery can be scheduled again.

Are You Having Difficulty with “Active” Treatments?

Oftentimes, treatment for spine-related discomfort involves a combination of passive and active remedies. For some patients, it’s the active treatment, such as going for regular walks or doing certain physical therapy exercises on their own between sessions, that can be difficult to do. If pain spikes are preventing you from doing the active parts of your treatment, injections may be recommended to provide the temporary relief necessary to keep your recovery on track.

Spinal injections aren’t intended to be a one-size-fits-all solution. While there are times when injections can be helpful and fit right into your treatment plan, this isn’t always the case. It’s equally important to be open to other treatment suggestions as you explore your options with your doctor or Santa Monica spine surgeon.

Spine pain is a common occurrence, and injections can ease discomfort in some cases. If you’re experiencing back pain that’s severe or prolonged, don’t wait to contact a spine specialist. The spinal health experts at The Spine Institute can diagnose and treat your condition so you’re back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 310-828-7757 and schedule a consultation.