Sitting Epidemic in Los Angeles, CA

Sleeping in the wrong position and slouching in your chair on a regular basis are just a few of the poor posture habits that can contribute to the aches and pains you may periodically experience. Signs that poor posture is at the heart of your discomfort can range from a stiff neck when you first wake up to sudden lower back pain. However, taking steps to improve posture may provide welcome relief. Here are a few suggestions from experienced spine surgeons in Los Angeles.

Keep Your Body Aligned

Your hips, shoulders, and ears should be in a straight line while sitting. Take advantage of some of the natural features of chairs by sitting all the way back instead of in the middle or on the edge of the seat. Distribute your weight evenly while standing.

Make Time to Stretch

Improve your range of motion by taking periodic stretch breaks when sitting for long periods of time. Mix it up with arm stretches in your chair and breaks where you actually get up and stretch your back and legs to improve muscle strength, which can help with posture.

Use Posture Props

Posture props can help take pressure off parts of the spine and adjacent muscles that tend to receive added stress while sitting, even when your body is properly aligned. Consider some of the following posture props that can be used to place your body in the correct position while reducing muscle strain in both sitting and standing positions:

• Lumbar support pillows
• Footrests
• Purses and bags designed to evenly distribute weight

Get Regular Exercise

Swimming, biking, and walking are just some of the exercises that help improve posture by strengthening muscles and encouraging proper form. Posture can also be enhanced by regular conditioning core muscle groups along with tendons and ligaments supporting the spine.

Improving your posture is something you’ll need to work at until it becomes a habit, which takes anywhere from 2 to 3 months. If you think that any lingering aches and pains may be related to your posture, schedule a visit with a board-certified back doctor in Los Angeles to rule out medical issues that may need to be addressed with physical therapy or other treatments.

If you experience persistent chronic back or neck pain that isn’t responding to conservative treatment methods, it may be time to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic physician in Los Angeles. They will be able to determine the root cause of your pain and outline all possible options for relief, from motion-preserving spine treatments to spinal fusion. Please give us a call at (310) 828-7757. Your path to a pain-free life starts here.