Back Injuries from Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a form of exercise that is highly conducive to back pain and back injuries, especially from improper lifting techniques. The most common back problem for weightlifters is lumber strain, or severe lower back pain caused by strained muscles and tendons. While not all back injuries can be prevented, there are some steps that can be taken to minimize back injuries from weightlifting.

  • Double-Check the Equipment

    Proper lifting technique doesn’t matter if the equipment used while lifting is faulty or not properly maintained. Check to make sure that bars rotate properly. It’s just as important to make sure that you’re wearing shoes that won’t get caught on the platform, which can throw you off balance and cause a back injury.

  • Use the Buddy System

    It’s a good idea to lift weight with a buddy, especially if you plan to tackle increased weight. This allows you to receive assistant when you need it, especially at the point where you’re finishing up your lift and putting the weights back in place.

  • Split Up Squat Workouts

    Heavy lifting may result in compression loading on the spinal column, resulting in lower back pain or strained ligaments. This comes from multiple reps and sets, translating to repeated movements where heavy stain is placed on the back. One remedy is to split up squat workouts throughout the week and reduce sets to ease the strain on the back.

Any muscles that aren’t properly warmed up before getting into some serious lifting are more susceptible to injury. Make sure that your back and shoulders are properly warmed up before getting into your regular lifting routines. You can also strain ligaments in your back if you don’t bounce out of squats properly, so proper technique is important when it comes to preventing back injuries while weightlifting.

Do you have chronic back pain that you think stems from weight lifting? While some back pain can be treated with non-surgical techniques and a combination of rest and medications, some back pain will need medical intervention such as spine or back surgery.

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