Sports Injury in Los Angeles, CA

As spring sports season arrives, so does the risk of sustaining some type of injury while playing baseball, softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, or running track. While there’s always a risk of injury associated with sports involving repetitive movements and contact, steps can be taken to at least reduce the odds of being sidelined with an injury.

Rotator Cuff

Rotator cuff injuries usually result from overuse of shoulder muscles from repetitive movements common in sports like tennis and baseball. Prevent such injuries by performing strengthening and weightlifting exercises targeting the shoulders.


Tendonitis, an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, often occurs when proper warm-ups are skipped or after getting back into the game after a period of inactivity. Tendonitis can be prevented by taking time to warm up, with lunges being an especially effective exercise for loosening calf muscles.

Lower Back Pain

Usually aggravated by repetitive bending and twisting, lower back pain can range from mild to severe. According to Los Angeles spine surgeons, sports-related LBP can be prevented by performing core-strengthening exercises and back stretches. Adhering to proper form for whatever sport you happen to be playing at the moment can also minimize strain on muscles, the most common cause of lower back pain.

Tennis Elbow

Ironically associated with baseball and softball, tennis elbow is an inflammatory condition affecting the upper arm adjacent to the elbow. While the cause of this particular injury isn’t known, risk can be minimized with regular arm and shoulder stretching and strengthening exercises focusing on range of motion of flexibility.

Plantar Fasciitis

Stemming from an inflammation of a thick band of tissue (plantar fascia), plantar fasciitis can seriously hinder the ability to place pressure on a foot without extreme discomfort. Such injuries can be reduced with leg and foot stretches and flexes. Wearing comfortable shoes appropriate for the surface you’ll be playing or running on also helps.

Regardless of the sport or sports you plan to play this spring, proper warm-ups should be a part of your routine. If unusual or intense pain is felt, err on the side of caution and step out of the game to see your doctor.

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