Getting Your Home Post-Recovery Security Proofed in Santa Monica, CA

If you’re about to have spine surgery in Los Angeles, you should make a few preparations in your home before you have your procedure. This way, you can minimize the need for excessive bending, stretching, or reaching. Getting your place ready in advance can also provide some peace of mind as you recover.

1. Place Frequently Used Items within Easy Reach

Put everything you’re likely to need within easy reach to prevent having to excessively reach or bend. This list of items will likely include:

  • Dishes and glasses
  • Daily personal items
  • Medication bottles, especially meds you’ll be taking post-surgery

2. Make Meals Ahead of Time

Give yourself one less thing to worry about during the first few days of recovery by preparing and freezing some healthy meals in advance. Opt for smaller, high-fiber meals to minimize constipation that sometimes occurs following surgery.

3. Remove Potential Hazards

Before your surgery, do a walk-through of your home to temporarily remove throw rugs and other loose items. Even a minor fall during recovery could re-injure your spine and cause serious issues. Rearrange furniture to allow for easier movement around your home.

4. Use Convenience Devices/Items

Hand-operated grabbers and jar grips are just some of the gadgets that can make life easier as you recover. Plastic dishes or paper plates can also reduce your time standing and prevent the need for repetitive motions when washing and drying dishes or loading a dishwasher.

  • Also consider:
  • Hand sanitizer to minimize motions while washing hands
  • Toilet risers
  • Back support pillows or cushions
  • Mini-fridge for easy access to water and light snacks without using the stairs
  • Slip-on shoes

5. Elevate Your Bed

Getting in and out of bed can be a challenge after surgery. Prevent unnecessary struggles by raising your bed slightly with either sturdy storage bins or a thick mattress topper, which may also make it more comfortable for you to sleep.

Asking for help around the house and assistance with running errands can also prevent unnecessary risks. You’ll also need to arrange for a ride home from the hospital. If you need to wear a brace, practice wearing the brace before surgery if possible.

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