How to Reduce Your Risk of Spine Injuries During the Holiday Season in Los Angeles, CA

The hustle and bustle often associated with the holidays can cause damage to your spine. The 33 bones that make up your backbone are fairly flexible thanks to spongy discs and supporting muscles, but they are still susceptible to injury. Minimize the risk of being caught off guard this holiday season by taking some simple precautions. Dr. Hyun Bae and his team of expert spine surgeons recommend these 4 preventive measures.

1. Mind Your Posture

You can’t do much about having to stand in long lines during the holidays. However, what you can do is make a conscious effort to shift your weight as you stand to avoid placing too much pressure on your spine and its supporting muscles.

2. Don’t Overload Bags and Carts

Avoid the temptation to grin and bear your pain while lugging around shopping bags full of holiday gifts. The same goes for your cart. If you have a lot of things to purchase, have someone go with you to help with the carrying and cart pushing, or make a few extra shopping trips instead.

3. Watch Your Step

Rushing from place to place can leave you distracted to the point where you’re not paying attention to where you’re walking. Be cautious when hopping on and off escalators or when going up and down stairs, and watch out for slippery floors in stores and malls in case it’s been raining.

4. Get Some Help Decorating

Hanging holiday decorations, especially outdoor lights, often means standing on stools or ladders. If you need to put decorations up in hard-to-reach places, make sure the ladder is sturdy first or have someone help steady the ladder when necessary.

Should you experience sudden back pain or have a particularly hard fall, you may need to schedule an appointment with a Los Angeles spinal surgeon. Some spine injuries are slow to develop, especially if there is lingering swelling and inflammation. It’s best to err on the side of caution.

Spinal injuries can occur during any time of the year. If you are experiencing severe pain in your spine and think you might need spinal fusion surgery in Los Angeles, reach out to The Spine Institute at 310-828-7757. Dr. Bae can diagnose the cause of your pain and determine the steps you need to take for effective treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment.