Increasing Your Medication in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you underwent spine surgery in Los Angeles or are dealing with chronic pain, medication is likely to be part of your treatment. While every effort will be made to find an appropriate dosage, there may be times when your current prescription isn’t offering sufficient relief. Consider the following tips when asking your doctor for a dosage increase.

Schedule a Separate Appointment

Blurting out the request for a stronger dose just before leaving your appointment isn’t going to make it easy to start a productive discussion. If possible, schedule an appointment just to talk about your medication or bring it up when you first arrive.

Clearly Explain Your Pain

Take your time to tell your doctor what type of pain you’re experiencing throughout your day in as much detail as possible. Give specific examples of instances when you’ve felt increased pain and what you were doing at the time, even if it was nothing more than sitting or standing.

Don’t Get Defensive

Most doctors will ask a patient several questions before considering a dosage increase. Remain calm and honestly respond to what’s asked. If you show agitation or suggest that you’ll just go to another doctor, this may raise red flags and create other issues.

Educate Yourself

Talk with your local pharmacist or research your medication online to get an idea of what a standard dose is for most patients with your condition. This should give you an idea of whether or not it would makes sense to increase your dosage. Some prescription drugs are safer at lower doses, so increasing dosages isn’t always wise.

Be Open to Medication Changes

Instead of boosting your dose, your doctor may decide to change your medication altogether. Give any new medication some time to work. If you’re still experiencing pain, let your doctor know and ask again if a dosage adjustment is appropriate.

Due to increased concern about addiction, especially prescription painkillers, many physicians are hesitant to up dosages. If your doctor decides against an increase or wishes to wait a little longer, consider working with a physical therapist or looking into other conservative spine treatments like acupuncture or chiropractic care.

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