How to Keep Back Pain from Getting Worse in Los Angeles, CA

The one thing most people with ongoing back pain have in common is a desire for it to not get worse. With some types of chronic spine-related discomfort, you may not be able to prevent occasional flare-ups, especially if you want to keep surgery on the back burner for now. On a positive note, there are steps you can take to prevent back pain from worsening.

Be Proactive About Treatment

If your back pain is only mildly annoying at times, you may just grit your teeth and put up with it. However, this could contribute to worsening aches and pains, since you aren’t doing anything to actively manage the problem. Instead, commit to a treatment plan by:

  • Knowing when to take a break during times when pain flares up
  • Applying ice or heat when discomfort is worse
  • Modifying your activities so you’re not placing too much pressure on the affected area

Know Your Pain Triggers

Think about what you’re usually doing when you start to experience back pain. Are you hunching forward when working on a computer? Do you perform repetitive movements when playing sports or completing work-related tasks? By identifying your back pain triggers, you can take the right steps to keep your discomfort from getting worse. Possible steps you might take include:

  • Using a lumbar support belt at work
  • Adjusting your workstation setup so you’re not hunching or excessively leaning forward
  • Using proper lifting techniques
  • Stretching before you get active
  • Reducing repetitive motions as much as possible
  • Improving your posture

Get Regular Exercise

If you have mild or moderate back pain, you may get into the habit of avoiding exercise to keep it from getting worse. However, being inactive only weakens muscles that support the spine, which increases the odds of having back pain that gets worse. Instead, adopt a regular exercise routine based on your capabilities and preferences. Doing so may keep your back pain in check by:

  • Promoting healthy circulation
  • Strengthening spine-supporting structures
  • Boosting the production of beneficial chemicals called endorphins that provide natural pain relief

See a Spine Specialist

It’s easier to keep back pain from getting worse when you know what’s causing it. While your doctor is usually able to get an idea of what’s going on with your back based on your symptoms, your medical history, and the results of a physical exam, a Santa Monica spine surgeon can perform specialized tests and other assessments that are more detailed and comprehensive. A spine specialist is also able to:

  • Provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Suggest a treatment plan that targets the source of your discomfort
  • Offer individualized advice to help you better manage your back pain

You may reach a point where it’s time to explore other options, including alternatives to spinal fusion surgery. Santa Monica residents with recurrent back pain are likely to find it’s worth it to schedule a consultation with a spine specialist to determine what procedures may keep your back pain from worsening or provide welcome relief from symptoms that are getting more disruptive and severe.

If you’re experiencing severe or persistent back pain, make sure to see an experienced back pain specialist for prompt diagnosis and treatment. The industry-leading physicians at The Spine Institute are pioneers in spinal health, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to enable patients to live pain-free, active lives. To schedule a personal consultation with one of our spinal health experts, give us a call today at 310-828-7757.