Essential Items for Lower Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

When chronic lower back pain is a part of your daily life, relief is likely the first thing on your mind each day. Some of your discomfort may be triggered by movements or postures required for everyday activities like sitting in front of a computer or carrying groceries. Los Angeles spine surgeons suggest easing the burden on your spine-supporting muscles and joints by considering some items you may soon find essential.

1. Ergonomic Chairs

If you can’t avoid sitting for part of your day, opt for an ergonomic desk chair. These chairs have unique features, such as an inward curve, a lumbar roll, and an adjustable seat height, that encourage proper spinal alignment and support. Lumbar seat cushions can also make your daily commute easier on your spine.

2. Supportive Mattresses

A mattress that’s been used for more than 5 to 7 years probably isn’t providing the right kind of support anymore, especially if your chronic lower back pain didn’t exist at the time you purchased it. There is no one type of mattress that’s ideal for alleviating lower back pain, but medium-firm is the standard recommendation. When purchasing a new mattress, take your time to test it and see if you’ll get the right amount of support.

3. Bags/Luggage with Wheels

Lugging around anything heavy can place an added burden on muscles connected to or supporting your lower back. If you consistently travel or need to carry around a heavy bag for school or work, ease your burden by switching to a bag with wheels. Mailing your luggage in advance of your trip is another way to give your lower spine a break. If carrying a purse or backpack, keep the load light and use wide straps.

Items like these become even more beneficial if you make an effort to maintain a proper posture throughout your day. Sit up straight and avoid standing in one position too long. When sleeping, a pillow under your knees can provide better support for your lower back.

If your back pain is severe, turn to The Spine Institute Center for help. We specialize in spinal fusion procedures as well as alternatives to spinal fusion surgery. Los Angelesresidents who are experiencing chronic back pain can trust in Dr. Bae and his team of expert surgeons to start them down the path toward a pain-free life. Call 310-828-7757 today to schedule an appointment.