Healthy Tips for Spine in Los Angeles, CA

Back pain isn’t something that goes away simply because of a change of the calendar. It’s also not something you have to accept as a part of your life in 2017. Start off the new year by changing how you view back pain and learning what you can do keep your spine and its supporting parts healthy.

1. Think Positive

If you experience back pain in 2017, don’t automatically assume it will mean a life of pain. You’re more likely to respond to treatment once an accurate diagnosis is made. Play a role in this effort by:

  • Learning as much as you can about your back pain and communicating what you’re experiencing to your doctor
  • Keeping a journal to track your pain so trigger points can be identified
  • Visiting Los Angeles spinal surgeons who will listen to you rather than make assumptions or dismiss your concerns

2. Explore New Research

Minimally invasive spine surgery is just one of several innovations in the treatment of back pain. Boost your odds of having a healthy back in 2017 by resolving to stay updated on new advances in back health, including preventative techniques and treatment options.

3. Try Different Treatments

Most people have better pain management results when combining remedies. For instance, the effects of some medications may be enhanced with relaxation techniques and an assortment of treatment possibilities. Some of these treatments include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Electrical spinal cord stimulation (TENS, spinal implants)
  • Modifying activities to allow yourself time to heal
  • Meditation

4. Make Lifestyle Changes

From eating to exercising, actions you take throughout your day can affect your back health. Consider kicking off the new year by making adjustments to:

  • How much regular exercise you get
  • The way you prepare meals and buy food
  • How well you sleep and how much rest you get

5. Know When to See Your Doctor

Another way to keep your back healthy in 2017 is to pay attention to any discomfort that’s out of the ordinary. Though most bouts of back pain are temporary, anything lasting longer than a few days is something you’ll want to share with your doctor.

In addition to seeing your regular doctor, you may also want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hyun Bae at The Spine Institute Center. We specialize in minimally invasive procedures like the vertebroplasty and lumbar foraminotomy Los Angeles patients claim has alleviated their pain. Give us a call today at 310-828-7757 to learn more.