Safe Spine Surgery Recovery

The first step to take when recovering from any type of spinal surgery is to give yourself time to heal. Even for minimally invasive spine procedures, the body requires a certain amount of time to recuperate before resuming regular activities or returning to work. However, there are some ways to facilitate a faster recovery following spine surgery.

Set Realistic Goals

Setbacks often occur in patients who try to achieve too much too soon. Start off by setting realistic goals, such as completing doctor-approved exercises or being able to walk across a room without assistance.

Be Prepared for Emotional Changes

It’s perfectly normal for patients recovering from any type of spinal surgery to get frustrated with the healing process, so don’t view occasional frustration as a setback. Emotional changes are normal and usually goes away as progress is achieved and discomfort and lingering pain eases or disappears over time.

Follow All Follow-up Instructions

All follow-up instructions, whether it be to take certain medications for a specific length of time or to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, should be followed to facilitate the recovery process. Even instructions that may seem pointless serve a purpose. To further encourage a faster recovery, consider the following steps:

  • Change positions while sitting or standing (to avoid muscle spasms)
  • Keep all scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Take short walks or warm showers (to stretch muscles)
  • Establish a daily, low-impact exercise routine (with doctor’s approval)
  • Eat a well-balanced diet (including plenty of fruits and vegetables)

The best way to facilitate healing following spine surgery, or any type of surgery, is to maintain a positive attitude. Even if there are occasional setbacks, patients who maintain a positive attitude tend to recover sooner than patients not willing to recognize and appreciate the small achievements that are part of the healing process.

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