Back Pain from Exercising

If you’ve ever had a bout of back pain, you know how debilitating and painful it can be. While the typical treatment for back pain is to take prescribed medication and to rest in bed for a few days, more and more studies are showing that exercise is actually beneficial to help minimize or reduce pain experienced along the spine.

If you suffer from back pain, don’t think that you need to avoid exercising at all costs. Exercise, when prescribed and monitored by a spinal specialist, is a great way to help encourage mobility by strengthening the spine, thus helping to manage pain more effectively.

For instance, meeting with a physical therapy expert or fitness coach can help to develop an exercise plan that is safe. They can also help you target the specific areas that are giving you problems and creating a plan that uses a combination of stretches and low impact aerobics. Theses physical therapy exercises serve to strengthen the muscles along the spinal column, while improving flexibility. The result is that it becomes easier for the individual experiencing the pain to move around and enjoy daily activities.

However, chronic back pain sufferers might find that exercise is not an adequate treatment for their condition. Some alternative methods include prescription medications, acupuncture to relieve pressure on the back or steroid injections. When conservative methods fail, then back surgery is another option to consider.

There are a number of serious conditions that can affect the back, which can be the result of an accident at the workplace, a hereditary condition or the natural aging process. If you believe your back pain is not something that can be treated with conservative methods, or if you’ve exhausted all other methods for relieving your back pain, reach out to The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration today.

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