Relieve Back Pain Naturally in Santa Monica, CA

Severe lower back pain often sends those who have it to bed or lays them up on the couch, but ultimately, exercise is one of the best remedies for relieving lumbar discomfort. Short rest periods, consisting of a day or two, can help decrease swelling when flare-ups occur, but long periods of inactivity can weaken muscles and worsen the condition. After patients have been cleared by their physicians for physical activity, performing a few simple routines each day may help relieve lower back pain and reduce its recurrence.

Hamstring Stretches

This exercise is particularly helpful for people who are suffering with symptoms caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve. The stretch can be performed while standing and by placing one leg on a chair allowing the hamstring to gently extend. However, Beverly Hills spine surgeons caution people with bulging discs or other structural damage against bending forward during the task.

Prone Extensions

Lower lumbar relief may also be found by lying flat on the abdomen with the arms bent and elbows underneath the shoulders. The torso is then gently lifted upward while the forearms support the body. The pose should be held for a few moments followed by a 30-second rest period.

Quad Arm and Leg Raises

Performed facing downward with the knees and the palms of the hands touching the floor, this exercise is helpful for enhancing the muscles of the spinal column. While the back is kept parallel with the floor, the individual slowly straightens and lifts opposite arms and legs until they are in line with the body. The position is held for a count of 10, or as tolerated, and repeated on the opposite side.


Many different yoga poses are beneficial for both relieving back pain and strengthening the core support muscles of the abdomen and spine. A physician or physical therapist can recommend classes that are led by a trained professional who is skilled at guiding people with different ailments and levels of fitness. When participants regularly attend classes, they can work at their own pace and increase the difficulty level as they make progress and physical gains.

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