Reduce Post Op Spine Problems

If your Beverly Hills spine surgeon has advised you to undergo back surgery, the next step is to prepare both physically and mentally. While emotional preparedness may sometimes be minimized or overlooked in the days leading up to surgery, it’s just as important for your overall wellbeing and ability to enjoy a productive recovery.

Be as Informed as Possible

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you get information about your specific condition and the surgical procedure to correct it. Talk to your doctor about any concerns or confusion about the specifics to get a better idea of what really applies to your situation. Gather additional useful information by:

  • Researching your back condition online
  • Asking if you can speak with patients who’ve already had the same surgery
  • Seeking a second opinion
  • Getting everything in writing since patients only remember about half of all oral information provided by medical staff

Have a Support Team in Place

Have reliable sources of support during your recovery period. A support team can include go-to people to run errands or offer assistance with cleaning and other household chores to reduce stress. An emotional support team can also include:

  • Friends or family members you can text or call any time
  • Someone on your surgeon’s medical staff you can reach if you have post-surgery concerns
  • An online or local community support group

Discuss Concerns with a Therapist

If you’re dealing with severe anxiety over your upcoming back surgery, consider scheduling some therapy sessions in advance of your procedure. At the most, you may feel better by being able to your discuss your worries in a setting that’s more comfortable than a doctor’s office.

Develop Healthy Pre-Surgery Distractions

Thinking about your surgery non-stop until it happens is likely to increase your emotional stress. Instead, consider:

  •  Distracting yourself with hobbies or other activities
  •  Learning relaxation techniques
  •  Catching up on favorite TV shows or reading a good book

Should you have any lingering doubts or anxiety, schedule an appointment with your board-certified spine surgeon in advance of your procedure. Consider writing down your concerns so you can proceed with your back surgery with a positive attitude and realistic expectations.

For more information about spine surgery or if you would like a second opinion on your diagnosis and recommended treatment, reach out to The Spine Institute Center and request an in-person consultation. Call (310) 828-7757.