Can Acupuncture Cure Neck Pain

While the phrase “pain in the neck” originated as a euphemism for another part of the anatomy, anyone experiencing an actual pain in the neck is likely to be open to any viable remedy that could provide relief. One such remedy is acupuncture – defined as the insertion of sterilized needles into specific points on the body meant to achieve an inner balance that sometimes provides very real benefits for people.

Does the idea of needles touching your skin give you the chills? If you answered yes, check out these five reasons to give this non-surgical spinal treatment a try, and maybe you’ll change your mind!

  1. It is Generally Safe with No Substantial Side Effects

    From a safety standpoint, the good thing about acupuncture for neck pain relief is that there are no major or long-lasting side effects when the technique is performed by a licensed professional. In other words, if it doesn’t work for you, no harm, no foul.

  2. It May Help When Other Treatments Fail

    While research on acupuncture tends to be limited, some studies do suggest that the technique may help with degenerative neck conditions like cervical spondylosis (age-related wear and tear). In some cases, patients have reported relief from acupuncture when conventional treatments for neck pain relief failed to produce substantial results.

  3. It Improves Blood Flow

    Acupuncture increases blood flow, which helps with the oxidation process. If you have damage from common neck injuries like whiplash, increased blood flow may help tissues and tendons in the neck heal faster.

  4. It Reduces Stress Levels

    Stress has a physical effect on the body that can actually make some neck pain worse – or even cause it. Alternative treatments like acupuncture are noted for reducing stress levels due to the relaxation methods often associated with such techniques.

  5. It Works with the Body’s Natural Defenses

    Traditional medications are often designed to block symptoms rather than facilitate natural healing. As a natural remedy, acupuncture works with the body’s natural healing processes to promote pain relief without impeding indications that something may be wrong.

It’s important to note that acupuncture treatments aren’t meant to replace traditional medical treatments. In many cases, patients use acupuncture to supplement their current treatment plan whether that includes physical therapy, prescription medications or a combination of multiple treatments.

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