Signs To Look When Seaching For a Spine Surgeon in Santa Monica, CA

Peace of mind is just as important as the decision to proceed with spine surgery. If it’s been determined the best option for relief or pain management is surgery, take some time to choose your surgeon and check credentials. Here are the details you’ll want to pay particular attention to while making your decision.

Board Certification

Board certification for spine surgeons is often done through the American Board of Spine Surgery (ABSS), an independent, nonprofit certification group. ABSS certification includes both the initial certification and maintenance of certification, which includes recertification to account for changes in technology and treatment methods.

Fellowship Training

Fellowship is a voluntary period of additional training following medical school and residency. The extra training is often supervised and takes place as part of a structured training program. Such training often includes further instruction on specific surgeries, including minimally invasive spine procedures and decompression methods.

Professional Distinctions

Professional distinctions often include state licenses, career achievements, and memberships. For instance, many spine surgeons are members of the North American Spine Society and the American Medical Association. Distinctions can also include specific positions held and career advancements, such as progressing from staff surgeon to medical director or chief surgeon for a specific department.

Why Do Credentials Matter?

Certification confirms a surgeon has demonstrated knowledge of common procedures and has updated his or her education. Specialization, usually verified by specific fellowships, is important because it allows you to choose a surgeon who has added knowledge of your particular procedure and condition or has a certain amount of related experience.

Most patients will choose between a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. Neurosurgeons focus more on the diagnosis and treatment of spine disorders affecting the nervous system. Orthopedic spine surgeons in Los Angeles treat a wider range of bone and joint disorders, although many have subspecialties and often follow patients from diagnosis through post-op rehabilitation.

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