Chronic Pain Exercises in Beverly Hills, CA

Even though it’s tempting to skip exercise altogetherif you’re living with chronic pain, doing so can weaken muscles and joints. Instead, take steps to exercise in a way that minimizes strain while still engaging muscles enough to promote flexibility and mobility. Here are a few tips from leading spine surgeons in Beverly Hills for exercising with chronic pain.

1. Pace Yourself

Increase your regular activity level at a pace that’s comfortable for you to avoid placing too much strain on muscles already affected by inflammation. For instance, go from walking 20-30 minutes a day to coupling your morning walk with an afternoon swim.

2. Take Time to Warm Up

Regardless of your fitness level, warm-ups shouldn’t be skipped. A proper warm-up for the purpose of stimulating muscles can include arm and leg stretches without prolonged holds, body-weight squats with an empty bar, or a quick elliptical session at very low resistance.

3. Mix Things Up

Get your exercise from multiple sources to avoid overworking certain muscle groups. If you make regular trips to the gym, work different muscle groups throughout the week and take a break from the gym now and then to change up your routine with a brisk walk or an afternoon of biking. Productive exercises for chronic pain sufferers include:

  • Swimming and water-based exercises
  • Lightweight and strength training
  • Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates

4. Work with a Fitness Trainer

Many trainers have knowledge of common physical limitations, which can keep you from diving into routines that aren’t likely to be all that beneficial. A physical therapist or chiropractor can also provide customized recommendations.

5. Reps Over Weight

With weight training, you want to have some type of challenge with your routine, but adding too much weight can also trigger pain. Opt for more reps rather than an increase in weight when all you want to do is work certain muscle groups a little more.

If you experience chronic back pain, check with a board-certified spine physician in Los Angeles before starting any exercise routine. Don’t ignore your body. Take a break if you experience any unusual pain or discomfort. If your pain gets worse or doesn’t go away with a little rest and some home remedies like the use of an ice pack or heating pad, see your doctor.

For people with persistent pain, it may be time to see a spine specialist in Beverly Hills to discuss pain relief options. From conservative methods to minimally invasive spine surgeries, a professional will be able to diagnose the source of your pain and suggest the best possible procedures for a positive outcome. Schedule a consultation today by calling (310) 828-7757.