Exercise Carefully While Injured in Santa Monica, CA

If you exercise on a regular basis, sitting on the sidelines with an injury isn’t an option–or not one you’re likely to accept willingly. When it comes to the aches and pains associated with the injuries listed here, however, there are smart ways to continue to workout and maintain your active lifestyle.

Back Pain

Any type of back pain can be aggravated by any sport involving repetitive movements and lots of twisting, turning, and unnatural standing positions. You’ll want to stay away from the leg-press machine and avoid overhead lifting and running—especially on paved surfaces. Alternatives to consider:

• Basic stretches
• Walking and swimming
• Yoga and Pilates

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

While more common in women than men, CTS can affect anyone when inflammation occurs in muscles and joints. You’ll want to avoid any sports, especially tennis and racquetball, or exercises involving wrist bending or repetitive wrist movements. Instead, opt for:

• Chest exercises where your wrists can be either stationary or protected
• Light to moderate weight lifting, including dumbbell curls
• Sports or activities with equipment to protect your wrists

Shoulder Pain

Sometimes caused by a narrowing of the space between the shoulder bone and the rotator cuff muscles, shoulder pain can become more intense with any activities or exercises involving lifting or stretching. Consider these alternatives:

• Shoulder raises
• Lateral raises
• Casual or brisk walking

Neck Pain

Causes of neck pain can range from cervical spine degeneration to increased stress. You’ll want to avoid anything that’s likely to make your neck pain worse, including high-impact or contact sports and anything involving running. Alternative activities include:

• Casual or brisk walking
• Cycling or stationary bike
• Some yoga or Pilates moves/positions

Whether or not you can continue working out or exercising with any of these conditions depends on the severity of your injury. In some cases, modified routines or a little rest and relaxation may be the better course of action. As with any back or neck injury, check with a board-certified physician first to determine what’s best for you.

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