How a Single Appointment with a Spine Specialist Can Make a Difference in Los Angeles, CA

It’s human nature to dismiss back pain as an inevitable part of getting older or assume it’s just one of those things that happens to everyone. Yes, spine-related discomfort is a common complaint. Still, it’s never “normal” at any stage of life. What’s more, the simple step of scheduling an appointment with a spine specialist can make a big difference. Here’s how.

You’ll Get Clearer Answers

Self-diagnosing isn’t a substitute for receiving an accurate diagnosis from a spine specialist. The spine is a complex structure, and symptoms can be misleading. For instance, pain in your lower back area can stem from a pinched nerve, overstressed muscles, or age-related disc wear. A spine specialist can give you clearer, more definitive answers by:

• Discussing your symptoms and asking targeted questions
• Ordering specialized tests based on what’s suspected
• Taking your medical history into consideration

Treatment Suggestions Are More Targeted

Primary care physicians have general knowledge about many different health-related issues, but they don’t deal exclusively with spine patients. Because of the nature of their practices, spine specialists are typically able to provide more targeted treatments. Having a customized treatment plan created by a specialist who has seen similar spine-related problems many times can ultimately make a difference in the results you get.

Potential Obstacles Are Taken into Account

A spine specialist has a better understanding of the potential obstacles that go along with certain treatment options. For example, a specialist can discuss the limitations or risks associated with various physical therapy methods and surgical procedures. A treatment plan that accounts for possible obstacles or limitations is one you’ll be more likely to stick with and benefit from. 

You’ll Get Advice on Multiple Aspects of Treatment from One Source

Having to go to one doctor for a consultation, another one for treatment, and yet another one for a discussion of surgical options can be tiring and time-consuming. But if you schedule an appointment with a spine specialist, you’ll be more likely to have access to all aspects of treatment—from the initial diagnosis to follow-up care—with one source. Your spine specialist will be better equipped to recommend the appropriate treatment option, whether it’s physical therapy or a surgical procedure such as an alternative to spinal fusion. Beverly Hills patients can save time and stress by seeing spine specialists sooner rather than later.

You’ll Receive the Level of Care You Deserve

Lastly, a single appointment with a spine specialist can make a difference by putting you in touch with someone who will offer the level of care you deserve. A specialist is often able to round out a treatment plan with personalized care that involves:

• Adjusting treatment recommendations based on how you’re responding
• Keeping your concerns and personal preferences in mind
• Offering personalized advice that can help you take better care of your spine

There are times when spine-related pain may only be temporary and able to be resolved with home remedies or a little rest. But if your discomfort isn’t going away or it’s getting worse and more disruptive to your daily routine, a visit to a spine specialist can be your first step toward welcome relief.

If you’re having sudden, severe, or long-term pain in your back or neck, consulting a spine specialist such as a Beverly Hills spine surgeon may be the key to prompt diagnosis and treatment. At The Spine Institute, our physicians have years of experience treating every sort of issue related to spinal health. Our pioneering specialists lead the industry when it comes to surgical and nonsurgical innovations and helping patients get back on their feet as soon as possible. Call our friendly staff today at 310-828-7757 to schedule a consultation.