Learn to Find a Perfect Mattress In Los Angeles, CA

Even if you invest in a bed that can alter firmness with adjustable controls, there’s no guarantee it will be the right mattress for you. Yet there are steps you can take while choosing a new mattress to increase your odds of enjoying a restful sleep, especially if you’re living with back pain.

Try It Out in Store

While you may feel a bit self-conscious doing so, lying down on a mattress in the store can help you make a better choice. Forget the polite “sit down” on the side of the mattress and assume positions similar to how you normally sleep to get an idea of whether or not the mattress will be comfortable and supportive enough.

Adjustable Beds Can Help with Back Pain

If you have a hard time finding a comfortable sleep position, an adjustable bed may serve you better. Being able to elevate your head or lower your knees with the touch of a button can provide much-appreciated lower back pain relief, although you can achieve a similar effect with pillows if an adjustable bed is beyond your budget.

Firm Isn’t Always Better

Contrary to popular belief, a firm mattress isn’t always best for occasional or persistent back discomfort. Research suggests medium firmness is better for your back. Firmness isn’t the same as firm support and comfort, however, which is what you’ll want for optimal back support.

Consider a New Mattress Every 8-10 Years

The quality of your mattress can slowly deteriorate over time, even though you may not notice the difference. Rotating and flipping your mattress can also help, but there eventually comes a time when it’s best to buy a new one since the level of support you’ll need for a productive sleep is also likely to change over time.

Before completing the purchase of mattress you think may be right for you, ask about any warranties or guarantees that may allow you to return if it’s not providing optimal comfort. Make sure your new mattress is properly set up since improper installation can negate any comfort benefits. If you need added support, consider a removable lumbar-supporting mattress pad.

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