The Benefits of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in Santa Monica, CA

Though spine surgery is becoming increasingly less invasive thanks to advances in technology, it still presents certain risks. This is why treatments like spinal decompression therapy are worth considering. Performed on a mobilized table, this treatment is a form of traction primarily meant to ease lower back pain caused by nerve compression. Here are some of the benefits of opting for this type of treatment.

1. Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Spinal decompression therapy gently stretches the spine and its supporting muscles while the patient lies either face up or face down while comfortably harnessed to a table. In addition to naturally relieving nerve compression, it also relieves muscle tension and promotes relaxation.

2. Naturally Repositions Discs

Traction creates negative pressure on discs as the patient rests on a table that’s stationary on top and mobile on the lower part. These movements encourage repositioning of discs to relieve nerve pressure and sometimes pull disc material back into the disc.

3. Increases Access to Nutrients

By safely creating lower pressure on the problem disc, spinal decompression therapy encourages the flow of essential nutrients to spinal discs. As a result, the problem disc and nearby discs become healthier.

4. Reduces the Need for Fusion Surgery

There are many non-surgical options to treat back pain, ranging from injections and TENS units to physical therapy and acupuncture. If these treatments fail, spinal decompression therapy may provide relief, and it is also one of the top alternatives to spinal fusion surgery Los Angeles residents often seek. When considering this technique:

There are no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy, although it does appear to have similar benefits to acupuncture and other alternative remedies. Because spine surgery is often elective, most patients will have time to explore treatments like this.

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