Chronic Pain Facts in Beverly Hills, CA

Lumbar discomfort is one of the most common reasons people visit a board-certified back doctor, and the yearly costs for treating the condition are staggering. In addition to its frequent causes such as obesity and lack of conditioning, back pain has also been attributed to distraction and fatigue in the workplace. In fact, a recent study published in Arthritis Care & Research showed that those factors can make people eight times more likely to experience injury.


People who are engaged in manual tasks and who are distracted by interruptions were found to be more likely to experience back injuries. Shifting suddenly between working and stopping to pay attention to something else in the environment results in a lack of concentration and a higher likelihood of incurring sprains and strains.


Working long hours or under conditions when adequate rest periods are not possible is a recipe for accidents and injuries. Not only does fatigue result in an inability to concentrate, but it also puts stress on overworked muscles. The muscles that support the lumbar spine are crucial in protecting the integrity of the vertebral column. When those areas are not allowed sufficient time to recover and rebuild, sprains and strains may occur and the spine is left vulnerable.

Poor Body Mechanics

People who are preoccupied and tired often become careless in practicing good body mechanics and frequently experience back injuries. Being diligent about performing proper techniques when lifting or engaging in other physical activities can prevent individuals from straying from good habits when fatigue sets in. Important rules to remember when doing physical work include:

  • Bend the knees and use the leg muscles when lifting
  • Keep objects close to the body to avoid back strain
  • Avoid sharp tugging and pulling on heavy items
  • Use lifting equipment when available
  • Get assistance for large items and share the load

Back injuries are one of the primary reasons that people miss work, and it results in staggering expenses for both employers and employees, especially if lumbar artificial disc replacement becomes necessary. Getting adequate rest and keeping interruptions at a minimum are significant factors in avoiding back pain.

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