Stretches for Drummers

Whether you’re pounding out a rhythmic beat as a favorite pastime or it’s your calling in life, being a drummer can be physically demanding. The repetition and posture required for drumming can also be an unexpected source of back pain. However, this discomfort is often preventable if you take the right precautions. Spine specialists in Beverly Hills have a few tips for drummers who want to reduce their risk of back pain.

Warm Up Before You Start

The position necessary to drum effectively can stiffen your muscles. Minimize this risk by making sure your back muscles are warmed up first with:

  • Side-to-side stretches
  • Knee-to-chest lifts
  • Head and neck rolls
  • Hamstring and quad stretches

Watch Your Posture

Posture is important regardless of the drum setup you use. If you’re a standing drummer in a marching band, keep your back straight to evenly support weight from the straps on your drum. If you’re seated, sit in an upright position and keep your head and shoulders aligned.

Lift with Your Knees

Drummers have a lot of gear to carry. When lifting drum equipment, do so with your legs and bend your hips and knees. Straighten your legs and keep what you’re carrying close to your body.

Balance Your Diet

Sugary and starchy foods aren’t going to give you the stamina you need to finish a set. Poor dietary choices can also prevent essential nutrients from getting to your spine. If you need a quick snack, opt for some blueberries, bright-colored fruits, or almonds. Balancing your diet can also help reduce inflammation from muscle strain.

Get Plenty of Rest

Lack of recuperative sleep won’t give the soft tissues around your spine enough time to naturally heal before your next performance. Try to stick to a fairly steady sleep pattern and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Further reduce your risk of back pain by strengthening the supporting muscles between gigs. McKenzie exercises can increase upper and lower back strength, and related arm motions can help stabilize your trunk and encourage proper posture. If your back pain has become debilitating, you may want to look into options for minimally invasive surgery.

To find out information on treatment options for back pain, call The Spine Institute Center at 310-828-7757. Dr. Bae specializes in vertebroplasty surgery, mobi-c disc replacement, and other safe and effective procedures that can help reduce your back pain. Call today to schedule an appointment.