Relieve Back Pain Naturally in Santa Monica, CA

People who suffer from back pain often reach for the medicine cabinet as soon as a flare-up strikes. There are many natural back pain relievers, though, that are effective and alleviate pain with little or no side effects. Trying natural, non-invasive spine remedies before resorting to over-the-counter or prescription drugs may ease discomfort effectively enough that patients are able to avoid medications.

1. Cold and Heat Therapy

At the onset of inflammation, many people find relief by applying cold packs intermittently to the affected region. Using ice for 10 minutes at a time with 30- or 40-minute rest periods for the first 24 hours is a highly efficacious way to decrease discomfort. After the first day, ice can be replaced by warmth in the forms of traditional heating pads or commercially prepared patches that are applied to the skin.

2. Exercise

Physician-approved exercises such as gentle stretches and the poses performed in yoga can offer relief from back pain. In addition to alleviating current flare-ups, incorporating a workout routine into one’s lifestyle can help strengthen the core muscles and help prevent problems from recurring.

3. Massage

A recent study showed that people who regularly struggled with lumbar discomfort felt better and experienced fewer episodes of pain when they received weekly massages from a professional. A well-trained massage therapist can effectively release hyper-contracted muscle groups and may offer relief for people who frequently experience pain in regions along the spine.

4. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers the same benefits as exercise but with added perks. When guided by a skilled professional, the activities performed during the sessions are designed to specifically target problem areas. As a patient moves through his or her program, the therapist will adjust the plan of care in order to change the individual’s changing needs. Patients are also given tasks to do at home as an adjunct to the work that is achieved in the healthcare setting.

5. Herbal Remedies

Many people find relief from herbal creams and supplements that can be found in pharmacies and specialty stores. Comfrey root ointment, capsaicin, devil’s claw, and feverfew have all shown promise helping to alleviate back discomfort.

If you’ve exhausted your treatment options, including natural alternatives, and are still seeking meaningful relief, the trusted and experienced Beverly Hills spine surgeons at The Spine Institute can pinpoint the cause of your pain and offer a wide range of motion-preserving surgery options. Call (310) 828-7757 today and schedule an in-person consultation.