Back Pain Causes in Beverly Hills, CA

It’s well known that high heels can contribute to back pain. However, according to Beverly Hills spine surgeons, there are other choices of clothing and accessories that can be just as bad for your back. It’s often prolonged wear that ultimately contributes to pain or discomfort in the back area over time. Making an effort to mix things up and vary your style may just be the remedy you need to ease your back pain.

Altering Alignment

High heels are the top offender when it comes to lower back stress caused by a misalignment of muscles, tendons, and joints in your legs and thighs. Some other types of shoes, especially those that lack arch support, can have a similar effect on your lumbar spine and overall alignment.

Changing How You Move

Any clothing that’s excessively tight or constricting changes how you move. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans, for instance, restrict knee, hip, and thigh movements, forcing your spine to absorb more of the impact when you move. This can be especially problematic if you have an existing condition like degenerative disc disease that already weakens the spine.

Affecting Your Posture

Unsupportive bras and heavy necklaces you wear all the time can make it difficult to keep your ears above your shoulders and your back straight. Altering your posture can strain muscles, tendons, and joints over time.

Creating an Imbalance

Anything that changes the natural way your body balances weight can have an impact on either your cervical spine or lower back. Frequent offenders are heavy bags, purses with one strap, and backpacks, especially ones that are placed on the same shoulder all the time.

Losing Range of Motion

The spine and its supporting joints are meant for movement. Tight clothing and shapewear can restrict the natural range of motion of your pelvic muscles, which places added strain on your lower back.

By nature of its design, the human spine is surprisingly resilient. Yet anything that consistently restricts natural movements and places pressure on muscles and joints can result in some degree of back pain. While making adjustments to your wardrobe may provide relief, see your doctor if the discomfort continues.

If you have tried conservative treatments and are still experiencing significant back pain, it might be time to reach out to a spine specialist about other options. Dr. Hyun Bae is a leading spine surgeon in Beverly Hills who can diagnose the source of your pain and identify treatment options. To request a consultation, please call (310) 828-7757 today.