Avoid Neck Pain While Working in Beverly Hills, CA

According to leading Los Angeles spine surgeons, prolonged periods of sitting and repetitive motions are some of the reasons why back and neck pain are sometimes associated with work. While you’re not going to be able to stop all aches and pains, there are steps you can take to increase your comfort as you work.

1. Embrace Ergonomics

If you have to be stationed by a computer most of your day, use an adjustable chair that supports all parts of your spine. Another option is to use a stand-up desk or a desktop converter that can be adjusted to either a sitting or standing position.

2. Watch Your Posture

Adjust the height of your chair so your feet rest comfortably on the floor without dragging and avoid slouching. Further improve your workplace posture by:

  • Shifting the height of your keyboard so you don’t slump to type
  • Looking straight at your monitor to minimize neck strain
  • Sitting all the way back in your chair

3. Avoid Cellphone/Tablet Emailing

It’s prolonged viewing that usually causes upper back or neck pain from the use of cellphones and tablets. Minimize this type of strain by using your actual computer for emails when possible.

4. Finding Reasons to Walk

It’s not good to stay in the same position for too long. Whether it’s taking occasional breaks, standing up while on the phone, or walking during lunch hour, find reasons to get up and move to stretch your back and neck muscles.

5. Modify Movements

Modify repetitious or uncomfortable movements and positions. If, for instance, you have an off-center computer, adjust your chair so you face it when typing.

Many instances of back and neck pain are temporary and will go away with a little rest, application of heat or ice, or modification of activities. If discomfort increases or lingers for more than a few days, consider reaching out to a board-certified spine specialist in Los Angeles.

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