Back Pain And Hard to Breathe

Upper back pain may be coupled with shortness of breath due to the close proximity to the lungs in this area, although it can also occur with lower back pain, depending on the circumstances involved. Possible causes may be easily explainable or it may take a comprehensive examination by a Santa Monica back surgeon who can perform some diagnostic tests to pinpoint the reason.

It’s Possible to Overdo Exercise

Getting regular exercise can be a good thing. However, overdoing it or opting for high-intensity workouts that place added pressure on your spine isn’t so good for your back. This added stress can lead to a combination of pain and shortness of breath, which often goes away after rest and a proper cool down.

Being Overweight Can Make It Difficult to Breathe

Carrying excess weight places stress on your spine and the muscles that support it, and obesity can also lead to breathing difficulties. There may be no specific link to your back pain if you’re also experiencing shortness of breath, but both problems can occur at the same time.

Spinal Deformities Can Contribute As Well

Some issues with the structure of the spine may contribute to breathing difficulties. For instance, a sideways curvature of the spine (scoliosis) can affect your ribcage and chest, in turn affecting your lungs and heart and leading to respiratory conditions.

There May Be Underlying Issues

Back pain that includes breathing problems as a symptom is often due to an underlying medical condition. Symptoms may slowly develop from injuries you thought were minor, such as sustaining a hard fall while playing football or some other contact sport.

Any breathing difficulties experienced with back pain that don’t quickly go away after rest should be taken seriously and evaluated by a board-certified back doctor in Santa Monica. Reduce your risk of back pain altogether by choosing an appropriate exercise routine, watching what you eat, and avoiding excess stress and strain on your spine.

Treating your back pain may have the additional benefit of making it easier to breathe. If you think you might need minimally invasive back surgery, Santa Monica surgeons at The Spine Institute Center can determine if you need spinal fusion or an alternative to fusion surgery. Give our office a call at 310-828-7757 and schedule an appointment today.